Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Party Ideas with The Wild Wild West

On your birth date, you usually receive greeting cards. Many of us wish that we were born during the Wild Wild West. You may find something interesting about the old west whether you are interested in being a pioneer, a ranch owner, or a gold miner. It is one of the classical birthday party ideas for kids, teenagers, boys, girls, adults, and even old people.

Birthday bash based on wild wild west them offer many ideas.

With your back yard, you can set up a wagon trail. Younger kids would enjoy it because they have chance to become cowboys or trailblazers. With little creativity, you can construct a covered wagon, make pinatas and set up an open fire. You may need to check with the local fire authority for regulation. Anyway, open fire is great for outdoor cooking.

Gold Rush is a good theme for birthday parties. Make some fake TNT. Paint the rocks with gold color. Use them for decorations. Remind the participants in the invites to wear like the gold prospectors of the old west. If you have a creek nearby, they can pan for gold. You can see that it is a fun activity for everybody including families.

For those who loves cowboys, you can also plan a birthday party where they can wear boots, hats, and bandannas. The theme can be greatly enhanced if you allow them to add a six-shooter on their hips. The food ideas are simple. All you need is a grill. Hot dogs are usually the favorites among children. For adults, they would prefer barbecue. Just make sure the girls also look like cowgirls. You can organize a square dancing with some western music for entertainment. Children and adults would enjoy such an activity. You can put the sheriff badge on the ones who are celebrating their birthdays. If your budget is sufficient, you can plan a rodeo trip which a perfect theme for the Wild Wild West birthday bash. This gives them a chance to experience a wild horse ride.

The essence of fun is an important element in these birthday party ideas. Supposing your quests are of all ages, always plan activities that are suitable for the different age groups.

Birthday Party Ideas with Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to birthday party ideas, you find that the teens are not easily to deal with. Some themes are too old or too young for them. This leaves you very few choices when planning a birthday bash.

If you are looking for new ideas, then I suggest that you try scavenger hunt. Just prepare enough gifts to be given away as prizes for those who finish the race first and those who participate. The invites can also include the parents who can help you in the party. This a great party for family.

Whether your teenagers are 13, 15, or 16, you need plan ahead for this activity. Given more time allows you to find exciting unwanted items. You also need to talk with the parents in your neighbor to have their support because you would be using their homes as one of the legs of the game. You use other locations as well.

The key to this game is make sure each leg is challenging for the teens. Otherwise, they will end up bored at the end of the game and your birthday child will get disappointed. Make the finding of scavenged items more challenging.

Just make sure that you always think of safety. No one supposed to get hurt while playing this outdoor game. You can enlist an adult for each team as an observer. That is why it is a good idea to involve the parents of other kids.

You can assign the parents to take care of the pit stop. I'm sure that the parents don't mind helping out. Moreover, they will enjoy the fun with their kids.

Keep the prizes as simple as possible. You don't need elaborate gifts as long as the party is fun. Have a variety in each challenge. This will keep the momentum of the game.

You end the birthday party with cake, drinks, tidbits, and pizza. You can also show some video footages that are taken during the activity.

I believe that your kids and their friends will remember this event. Now the projects of this magnitude may involve a lot of expenses. So you need to plan carefully so that you don't exceed your budget. If your teenagers like art and craft, you can include it as part of the theme.

Just remember to follow the safety rules and make the party fun. This can be a memorable birthday party ideas for years to come. The best thing is that you don't to worry about the decorations. You can go online for more ideas on scavenger hunt.

Birthday Party Ideas With Reality Television

The popularity of reality television has come the stage that many people are watching them. The series can run for months. This can be one of the most inspiring birthday party ideas.

Adults, teens, and kids would like this idea. However, this is not a cheap birthday party. It also requires careful planning and involves a lot of time. You have to pay a lot of attention on the decorations and birthday favors as well. In the invitation, you can set the date of the event and provide instructions and rules pertaining to the game. The cards should be designed according to the themes.

Activities of such a scale require a team of people. But the reward is that the ones who celebrate their birthday will be caught in this surprise. In this post, here are some ideas you can use should you plan this type of birthday party.

America Idol can be reckoned as the most popular reality show. You can create one in your own living room. You need to set the stage with appropriate decorations. Invite friends and families. Tell them that they can vote the best performer in the invitations. set up a panel of judges and let them make comments after each contestant has sung. Create a rule that allow one song per contestant. Whoever is celebrating their birthdays will know that this is a fun and musical activity.

The Amazing Race is another good idea for the birthday party. However, you need a lot of preparation to ensure that this project goes smoothly. The most important is that everyone who is involved would find it entertaining at the end of the day. You probably need outside help to pull this off. Therefore, set up a team of people that you can rely on.

Survivor is a great theme for parties. You need teams for this activity. You can ask the quests to draw toothpicks with different colors. Each color represents a team. This kind of drawing will eliminate any unfair advantage. You also plan the physical and mental challenges. Prepare some gifts for those who win the challenges. Another supporting idea for this birthday party is to create a campfire food. Make sure you can clean up easily without affecting the theme.

For your next project, you can include reality television as one of your birthday party ideas. These three are just to help you to begin with, You can use other reality shows. Just choose one that interest you and most important is that you want something unique for those who celebrate day they were born.

Birthday Party Ideas For Princess

Young girls love princess toys and clothing. Do you think you can come up of better birthday party ideas than allowing your daughter to become a princess on her birthday?

Sweet 16 would like this theme. Here are some tips on how to plan a princess theme party.

Visit party supply shops for princess-themed invitations. If you want to save money, you can design with your computer.

Crown-shaped card would match the theme. Put some stick-on jewels which you can get from craft store. You can also put silver or gold glitter on the greeting cards. For other shapes of invitations, you can use castles and glass slippers.

When you decorate the place that is designated for birthday parties, hang up lots of beautiful streamers and balloons. Set up a throne by using a chair which is decorated with a silk cloth and some ribbons. Add a soft pillow for seating. You can also make some pinatas as decor and use them as games. For the rest of the decorations, use something unique such as a unicorn or a castle to complement the theme.

Party favors for princess themes are easily available. You can buy nice wands, goblets and costume jewelry. Instead of normal party hats, make your own crowns with cheap decorative papers.

Making your own party favors can save you money. It also gives you opportunity to be creative. Use card stock paper in making a lasting crown. The girls can add stick-on jewels or other stuffs to make their crowns look more attractive and appealing. Make stars from cardboard and add some creative touches with gold glitter. Fasten homemade wands to the stars with dowels. If you want to improve your favors, you can add different kinds of candies in tulles and tie them up with ribbons.

For birthday party food, make mini sandwiches. Simply make regular peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese sandwiches and cut them into quarters. Serve the pink lemonade or fruit punch in goblets or teacups to represent as the royal refreshment.

Parties such as this should not overlook the castle cakes as they are favorites for this theme. If you can't bake one, you can check out with the bakery.

You don't have to spend a lot of money for the princess party. Just like any other birthday party ideas, you can save money by making some of things at home or you can buy them at the local discount stores. When the party's over, they will remember this moment.

Birthday Party Ideas With Camping

For the boys, they also love pajama parties but they are not the kind of party as the girls. They like to sleep outdoor. So, this can be another birthday party ideas for you to think of. You can have one even in your own back yard. Interesting camping places would be preferred.

When you plan a camping theme for birthday, you need to state a list of things to bring along in the invitation. This will ensure that you do not have anyone who miss out the important items that are required for outdoor activities. You also get some small gifts ready for their friends.

Entertainment is very important when you are outdoor. Plan a race, a fear factor game, an animal watch, a baseball game, a carnival or a night frog hunt. Remember you are dealing with kids and teenagers. They can easily get bored if they don't have enough activities. Since this is a outdoor trip, bring along some healthy food or family recipes. Ask them to prepare their own food. Cooking would be fun for them since they don't have the opportunities to do it at home.

You can also buy a cake pan and make a simple birthday cake for your kids. Be creative. Alternatively, you ask your wife to make a homemade cake and wrap it in a way that your kids would not know it. This can be a surprise for them.

One of my favorite outdoor theme for my boys' birthdays is to plan a trail ride. So when you plan a camping party, you need to bring outdoor gears such as sleeping bags, tents, plates, pans, and other cooking utensils. If there is no trails near your home, you can plan a cowboy camp to celebrate your sons' birthdays. All you need is a Dutch over and some fire woods. Prepare some nice stories and good old country songs for the campfire.

Sometimes, you can get so involved in the planning of the parties that you forget about taking photos. Always bring a camera with you so that you can take some memorable shots for your kids. They can remember their celebration by looking at their birthday's pictures.

A camping party can always go hand in hand with the army theme. Boys are always on the lookout for heroes. They can start by searching at the army. You can invite your friends or family members who serve in the military. Your kids would love it because they could listen to some heroic stories. For decorations, you can put up a tent. You can buy some "meals ready to eat" at the army store. Get some army uniforms for them to wear. Teach them how to make a balloon sword. Dab their face with black tar so that they look like commandos. For activities, have a green face painting contest. Just put in some imaginations to make the party more fun. Your kids will cherish this moment even if they have attended many birthday parties.

A camping trip in a nearby mountain is another good idea for birthday party. Bring along as many stuffed black bears as possible. If there is ranch nearby, you can organize a horse ride. Ask your kids and their friends to wear red flannel and denim. This adventure will be an experience that they will never forget.

Birthday party ideas using camping themes open up many creative areas. With your imagination, you can plan a memorable party for your children. It brings them nearer to the mother nature and help them to appreciate the beauty of outdoor living. I hope some of these tips may help to plan your future projects.

Birthday Party Ideas With Sleepover Theme

One of the most exciting projects for the kids is the sleepover party. Girls like this kind of birthday party ideas. There are many names that come with these ideas such as pajama or slumber parties. The whole idea of this party is to invite your kids' friends to stay overnight. Mind you that they can create a lots of havoc and chaos.

With this party, you have to prepare to have your home filled with giggles. You should allow the birthday boy or girl to open their gifts early so that they can their own fun with their friends.

The decorations can be anything you like. Even you like to them wear fuzzy bunny slippers or pajamas. Your kids can ask their friends to parade with their own pajamas and favorite footwear. This can be a fun activity. Since this is a girls' party, get some nail polish, manicures, and pedicures ready. They would like to paint their nails on the fingers and toes.

You can also include games such as decorating a Barbie doll. Just make sure you have plenty of dresses and accessories for the doll. Girls like to watch teenage movies. Visit the nearby video shop and rent some good teenage movies for them.

The challenge that you may face is how much food to prepare for parties. No matter how old the girls are, you can't tell how much they can eat. It always a good idea to provide a lot of food especially the midnight snacks. In addition, you can make a pajama cake to match the theme.

For breakfast, plan something simple. I don't think the girls will sleep enough. They probably chat the whole night during the slumber party. I would suggest light food such as waffles or cereals. If they stay up very late, then prepare some oatmeal. Milk and juices should not be missed out.

Every girl would wish for a pajama birthday party. So, make sure you have sufficient activities for them. Their friend should feel comfortable in your home as well. You can ask them to bring their teddy bears or blankets. This helps them to fit into the event especially if some of them are new to this idea.

Sleepover themes are favorites for birthday party ideas. You can consider it a success if your girl and her friends can remember this party when they become old.

Birthday Party Ideas With Tie-Dyed Themes

Tie dyed projects are one of the fun birthday party ideas. Back in the 60s, it was a craze. Today, it returns to our life in the form of recreation. This party is suitable for kids of 3, 4, 5, 6. 7. 8, 9 and 10 years old. Therefore, you can plan this activity for boys and girls to celebrate the day they were born.

For the 60s theme, you can use the music during that era to enhance the decorations of tie dying. In this idea, you can use other things besides shirts for artistic talent. Always prepare enough paper, crayons, pencils, water colors, and pens so that the participants will have something to do throughout the party. You can organize other fun activities such as art and craft while waiting for their shirts to set.

One good idea that fits the theme is to have a groovy photo frame for every with pictures of themselves wearing their ties which they have dyed. I would suggest you to create a scrapbook for the birthday party. Every kid especially the girls would be fond of it. You can give them away as gifts.

For the menu, you can bake a tie dyed shirt cake either on your own or with help of the bakery. If you are using the bakery, make sure you tell them when you need the birthday cake. Another fun project that you can do is to invite the guests to make their own exotic pizzas. You can supply the dough and they can decorate the pizza with tomato paste, vegetables, sausages, hams or pepperoni. Make sure you provide plenty of tidbits such as sloppy Joe, fries, fruits, and chips.

Play some good 60s music. Take photos of their artwork. Let this be something memorable.

This birthday party can be held in any season even winter and anywhere. Just keep in mind that you are using dye. So, you need a place that has good ventilation. The flooring should be covered with plastic or paper sheets so that the dye does not smudge the tiles.

Birthday party ideas
like this one are enjoyable by kids and adults. At the end of the event, they have a little item that they can bring home. They have fun in using their creativity. You can say it is one of the coolest projects you have ever done.

Train Birthday Party Ideas

No matter how old you are, most likely you love trains. For kids, Thomas the Tank or The Little Engine that Could makes excellent birthday party ideas. This theme is not that hard to plan because there are many suppliers that sell favors, gifts, and decorations to complement the train theme.

Invitation card that look like a train can used in conjunction with the parties. Just scout for classical steam engines as they are great for decoration. However, you need moderation in decoration so that you don't spoil the theme with too many things.

Fun activities with pinata that shape like a train would add more fun into the birthday party. Another fun idea is to ask the kids to dreass up as train engineers. You can also entertain them with train movies or stories.

Cake ideas on train are limitless. You can request the baker to specially bake a train-themed cake with famous characters like the ones in the Polar Express.

Take a drive to birthday party supplies shops and buy hats, plates, cups, napkins that resemble the theme of the train.

In any kids parties, party bags should not be forgotten. Your children can give these away for the gifts they receive. So, what should you put into the bags? Well, I think of train whistles, coloring books or stickers. Anything that follow the theme of the party should be fine.

One idea that strikes at my mind is plan the party at the train station or museum. It will take care of the decoration because this place is great for the theme. You can also have the kids on a short train trip. This will be an exciting experience for them.

Train birthday party ideas are timeless. There are many places where you can get help. For instance the party supplies stores and the train stations. The only thing that you need to be prepared is that next year, you have to think of something better.

Birthday Party Ideas for Sweet 16

Girls will always remember their 16th birthday. That is why you should try to make this event as memorable as possible. Making this project as outstanding as it possibly can is a challenge for many parents. You definitely need some birthday party ideas for your girl.

Your daughter may have attended many sweet 16 birthday parties. So, you are thinking of how to make this party distinct from her friends. Instead of focusing on one theme, you can mix and match several complementing themes that are fun and full of surprise. As long as your girl can cherish that moment, you have done a great job.

One idea that seem to attract these young people is costume parties. To make it even more interesting, you can throw in a ball. So, they will not only dress up but they can dance in a ball. If you want them to wear formal, then you can plan a mask making contest.

For ideas on decoration, you need lots of balloon to set the stage. Lighting is also important because it can set the mood of the party.

Another project that is interesting is to organize a spa event. You can have facials, pedicures, manicures or makeovers for the party. Your girls will love it. The you can finish it off with lots of ice creams such Baskin Robbins or Haagen Dazs. You can plan this party with Mark Kay or Beauty Control. Usually, they have a person who specialize in conducting home parties. Of course, these companies would want some benefits in terms of selling their products. So, you should invite the parents of your daughter's friends and your neighbors. This a cheap way of organizing birthday parties without splashing too much money.

Beach theme is one of my favorites. If you are staying not far away from the coast, you can plan a beach party for your 16 years old. However, sometimes this is possible. You can still use your home. All you need is plenty of surf boards and decorations such as tikki . Use them to set the theme along with beach music. You make the party more fun by turning it into a luau.

How you plan the celebration for your 16 year old girl is up to your imagination. Just decide on the budget and the appropriate theme that falls into the budget. You don't need to spend a lot of money. With a little creativity, you can still organize the best ever birthday for your daughter.

The birthday party ideas above are just the starting point. You can modify or combine with other themes if you like. Just make it special and memorable for your girl.

Birthday Party Ideas With Pirate Theme

Most children are fascinating with pirates. For kids birthday party ideas, it is an excellent theme. However, you need to plan carefully with patience. You need a number of things to organize such an important event for your children. You also need contingency plans in case certain aspects of the projects cannot be carried out.

You begin to set the stage by working on the invitations. One of the ideas I can think of is to use a pirate's map for invites. Mark your venue for the party as "X". Provide details such as date and time. You also need to emphasize that the guests must pirate costume. Another thing you can do is to mention that you are going to have the best costume contest. This is an important step. By letting them know about the party theme, you can ensure that they will dress accordingly. To make the invites more interesting, you add a catchy phrase that sounds like a pirate.

Then comes the decorations. Whether you are using the living room or a backyard garden, you should make the place look like a pirate's setting. Stuffs like treasure chest or ship deck can enrich the theme. For outdoor, you plan a treasure hunt by hiding the treasures under the ground.

When you plan the party games, you have many ideas. Kids love treasure hunts. You can give them the first clue and tell them that this clue is one of the four clues which are hidden somewhere. They need to use the first clue to get them to the next clue. This will go on until they have reached the final clue. During the searching time, you can use this time to prepare the tidbits, birthday cake, ice cream or any other games that you have in mind. When they have gathered all the clues, tell them a story of the lost treasure. Let them embark on the hunt for the treasure. You can split them into two groups and have them compete against each other.

If you have younger children in the party, you can organize an entertaining game like pin the peg on the pirate's leg. Or you can ask them to walk on the plank provided you have a swimming pool. Most kids will love to swim and play in the water. For safety, place an adult in the pool.

Birthday party ideas on pirate theme can be challenging for some parents. But with patience and good planning skills, you should able to pull this party off. If you do this right, your kids will remember this event for their entire life.

Birthday Party Ideas

Sometimes you may run out of birthday party ideas when your loved birthday is just around the corner. You can find many themes online or just have a quick reminiscence of the past parties you have attended.

When planning a birthday party whether indoor or outdoor, there are several areas you need look into.

  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Themes
  • Foods
  • Gifts
  • Games and Music
  • Art and Craft
  • Birthday Cakes
  • Party Favors

Ages can play an important factor when deciding on a birthday theme. If you are planning for the ones who is celebrating their 40th, 50th, 60th, 80th or 100th birthday, then you need something memorable for them. For children, it is a challenge because you will keep the party fun all the times. Teenagers is another hard lot to please especially if they are 16. It is an easy task if you are organizing the first year old party.

It would be exciting if the party turns out to be a surprise for ones who celebrate their birthdate. This may be one of your challenging projects you have ever undertaken.

There are many themes you can choose from. You think of the movies or television shows such as Spiderman, Dora the Explorer, Elmo, Barbie, Nemo, Transformers, Power Ranger, Winnie the Pooh, and dinosaur. Some of these themes will be suitable for the kids and juvenile but not so much for the adults. You can use festival themes such as the Halloween. If you holding birthday party for children, just make sure you have plenty of games, activities and art and craft to keep them busy. You can rent a moon bounce which many kids like to play with. As long as they have fun and enjoy themselves, you can consider the party as successful. Adults can have a carnival, a bowling game or a magic show and it needs little planning and decoration (none at all).

Some may want to cater for food. Other may want to prepare their food using their own family recipes. Whatever food you are preparing, you should follow the theme that you have decided.

You can easily find many decorations like balloons and wall papers and favors in party supplies stores. Most of the time you can find them matching your birthday theme. Templates for making favors and decorations are also available should you want to make them yourselves.

This event brings back sweet memories for those who born on that day. Each year pass by and your loved are getting older. Don't you wish that you would do like to do something special for them.

Not all birthday party ideas require a lot of planning. Some can be very simple. You need to decide which one is the best for the birthday boy or girl.