Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Party Ideas with The Wild Wild West

On your birth date, you usually receive greeting cards. Many of us wish that we were born during the Wild Wild West. You may find something interesting about the old west whether you are interested in being a pioneer, a ranch owner, or a gold miner. It is one of the classical birthday party ideas for kids, teenagers, boys, girls, adults, and even old people.

Birthday bash based on wild wild west them offer many ideas.

With your back yard, you can set up a wagon trail. Younger kids would enjoy it because they have chance to become cowboys or trailblazers. With little creativity, you can construct a covered wagon, make pinatas and set up an open fire. You may need to check with the local fire authority for regulation. Anyway, open fire is great for outdoor cooking.

Gold Rush is a good theme for birthday parties. Make some fake TNT. Paint the rocks with gold color. Use them for decorations. Remind the participants in the invites to wear like the gold prospectors of the old west. If you have a creek nearby, they can pan for gold. You can see that it is a fun activity for everybody including families.

For those who loves cowboys, you can also plan a birthday party where they can wear boots, hats, and bandannas. The theme can be greatly enhanced if you allow them to add a six-shooter on their hips. The food ideas are simple. All you need is a grill. Hot dogs are usually the favorites among children. For adults, they would prefer barbecue. Just make sure the girls also look like cowgirls. You can organize a square dancing with some western music for entertainment. Children and adults would enjoy such an activity. You can put the sheriff badge on the ones who are celebrating their birthdays. If your budget is sufficient, you can plan a rodeo trip which a perfect theme for the Wild Wild West birthday bash. This gives them a chance to experience a wild horse ride.

The essence of fun is an important element in these birthday party ideas. Supposing your quests are of all ages, always plan activities that are suitable for the different age groups.

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Party Princess said...

thanks for these wonderful ideas. I don't have kids but i will definitely suggest other friends about these kind of themes.cowboy theme ,jungle theme are becoming more popular now-a days.

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