Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Party Ideas With Sleepover Theme

One of the most exciting projects for the kids is the sleepover party. Girls like this kind of birthday party ideas. There are many names that come with these ideas such as pajama or slumber parties. The whole idea of this party is to invite your kids' friends to stay overnight. Mind you that they can create a lots of havoc and chaos.

With this party, you have to prepare to have your home filled with giggles. You should allow the birthday boy or girl to open their gifts early so that they can their own fun with their friends.

The decorations can be anything you like. Even you like to them wear fuzzy bunny slippers or pajamas. Your kids can ask their friends to parade with their own pajamas and favorite footwear. This can be a fun activity. Since this is a girls' party, get some nail polish, manicures, and pedicures ready. They would like to paint their nails on the fingers and toes.

You can also include games such as decorating a Barbie doll. Just make sure you have plenty of dresses and accessories for the doll. Girls like to watch teenage movies. Visit the nearby video shop and rent some good teenage movies for them.

The challenge that you may face is how much food to prepare for parties. No matter how old the girls are, you can't tell how much they can eat. It always a good idea to provide a lot of food especially the midnight snacks. In addition, you can make a pajama cake to match the theme.

For breakfast, plan something simple. I don't think the girls will sleep enough. They probably chat the whole night during the slumber party. I would suggest light food such as waffles or cereals. If they stay up very late, then prepare some oatmeal. Milk and juices should not be missed out.

Every girl would wish for a pajama birthday party. So, make sure you have sufficient activities for them. Their friend should feel comfortable in your home as well. You can ask them to bring their teddy bears or blankets. This helps them to fit into the event especially if some of them are new to this idea.

Sleepover themes are favorites for birthday party ideas. You can consider it a success if your girl and her friends can remember this party when they become old.

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