Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Party Ideas With Reality Television

The popularity of reality television has come the stage that many people are watching them. The series can run for months. This can be one of the most inspiring birthday party ideas.

Adults, teens, and kids would like this idea. However, this is not a cheap birthday party. It also requires careful planning and involves a lot of time. You have to pay a lot of attention on the decorations and birthday favors as well. In the invitation, you can set the date of the event and provide instructions and rules pertaining to the game. The cards should be designed according to the themes.

Activities of such a scale require a team of people. But the reward is that the ones who celebrate their birthday will be caught in this surprise. In this post, here are some ideas you can use should you plan this type of birthday party.

America Idol can be reckoned as the most popular reality show. You can create one in your own living room. You need to set the stage with appropriate decorations. Invite friends and families. Tell them that they can vote the best performer in the invitations. set up a panel of judges and let them make comments after each contestant has sung. Create a rule that allow one song per contestant. Whoever is celebrating their birthdays will know that this is a fun and musical activity.

The Amazing Race is another good idea for the birthday party. However, you need a lot of preparation to ensure that this project goes smoothly. The most important is that everyone who is involved would find it entertaining at the end of the day. You probably need outside help to pull this off. Therefore, set up a team of people that you can rely on.

Survivor is a great theme for parties. You need teams for this activity. You can ask the quests to draw toothpicks with different colors. Each color represents a team. This kind of drawing will eliminate any unfair advantage. You also plan the physical and mental challenges. Prepare some gifts for those who win the challenges. Another supporting idea for this birthday party is to create a campfire food. Make sure you can clean up easily without affecting the theme.

For your next project, you can include reality television as one of your birthday party ideas. These three are just to help you to begin with, You can use other reality shows. Just choose one that interest you and most important is that you want something unique for those who celebrate day they were born.

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