Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Train Birthday Party Ideas

No matter how old you are, most likely you love trains. For kids, Thomas the Tank or The Little Engine that Could makes excellent birthday party ideas. This theme is not that hard to plan because there are many suppliers that sell favors, gifts, and decorations to complement the train theme.

Invitation card that look like a train can used in conjunction with the parties. Just scout for classical steam engines as they are great for decoration. However, you need moderation in decoration so that you don't spoil the theme with too many things.

Fun activities with pinata that shape like a train would add more fun into the birthday party. Another fun idea is to ask the kids to dreass up as train engineers. You can also entertain them with train movies or stories.

Cake ideas on train are limitless. You can request the baker to specially bake a train-themed cake with famous characters like the ones in the Polar Express.

Take a drive to birthday party supplies shops and buy hats, plates, cups, napkins that resemble the theme of the train.

In any kids parties, party bags should not be forgotten. Your children can give these away for the gifts they receive. So, what should you put into the bags? Well, I think of train whistles, coloring books or stickers. Anything that follow the theme of the party should be fine.

One idea that strikes at my mind is plan the party at the train station or museum. It will take care of the decoration because this place is great for the theme. You can also have the kids on a short train trip. This will be an exciting experience for them.

Train birthday party ideas are timeless. There are many places where you can get help. For instance the party supplies stores and the train stations. The only thing that you need to be prepared is that next year, you have to think of something better.

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