Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Party Ideas with Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to birthday party ideas, you find that the teens are not easily to deal with. Some themes are too old or too young for them. This leaves you very few choices when planning a birthday bash.

If you are looking for new ideas, then I suggest that you try scavenger hunt. Just prepare enough gifts to be given away as prizes for those who finish the race first and those who participate. The invites can also include the parents who can help you in the party. This a great party for family.

Whether your teenagers are 13, 15, or 16, you need plan ahead for this activity. Given more time allows you to find exciting unwanted items. You also need to talk with the parents in your neighbor to have their support because you would be using their homes as one of the legs of the game. You use other locations as well.

The key to this game is make sure each leg is challenging for the teens. Otherwise, they will end up bored at the end of the game and your birthday child will get disappointed. Make the finding of scavenged items more challenging.

Just make sure that you always think of safety. No one supposed to get hurt while playing this outdoor game. You can enlist an adult for each team as an observer. That is why it is a good idea to involve the parents of other kids.

You can assign the parents to take care of the pit stop. I'm sure that the parents don't mind helping out. Moreover, they will enjoy the fun with their kids.

Keep the prizes as simple as possible. You don't need elaborate gifts as long as the party is fun. Have a variety in each challenge. This will keep the momentum of the game.

You end the birthday party with cake, drinks, tidbits, and pizza. You can also show some video footages that are taken during the activity.

I believe that your kids and their friends will remember this event. Now the projects of this magnitude may involve a lot of expenses. So you need to plan carefully so that you don't exceed your budget. If your teenagers like art and craft, you can include it as part of the theme.

Just remember to follow the safety rules and make the party fun. This can be a memorable birthday party ideas for years to come. The best thing is that you don't to worry about the decorations. You can go online for more ideas on scavenger hunt.

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