Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Party Ideas With Camping

For the boys, they also love pajama parties but they are not the kind of party as the girls. They like to sleep outdoor. So, this can be another birthday party ideas for you to think of. You can have one even in your own back yard. Interesting camping places would be preferred.

When you plan a camping theme for birthday, you need to state a list of things to bring along in the invitation. This will ensure that you do not have anyone who miss out the important items that are required for outdoor activities. You also get some small gifts ready for their friends.

Entertainment is very important when you are outdoor. Plan a race, a fear factor game, an animal watch, a baseball game, a carnival or a night frog hunt. Remember you are dealing with kids and teenagers. They can easily get bored if they don't have enough activities. Since this is a outdoor trip, bring along some healthy food or family recipes. Ask them to prepare their own food. Cooking would be fun for them since they don't have the opportunities to do it at home.

You can also buy a cake pan and make a simple birthday cake for your kids. Be creative. Alternatively, you ask your wife to make a homemade cake and wrap it in a way that your kids would not know it. This can be a surprise for them.

One of my favorite outdoor theme for my boys' birthdays is to plan a trail ride. So when you plan a camping party, you need to bring outdoor gears such as sleeping bags, tents, plates, pans, and other cooking utensils. If there is no trails near your home, you can plan a cowboy camp to celebrate your sons' birthdays. All you need is a Dutch over and some fire woods. Prepare some nice stories and good old country songs for the campfire.

Sometimes, you can get so involved in the planning of the parties that you forget about taking photos. Always bring a camera with you so that you can take some memorable shots for your kids. They can remember their celebration by looking at their birthday's pictures.

A camping party can always go hand in hand with the army theme. Boys are always on the lookout for heroes. They can start by searching at the army. You can invite your friends or family members who serve in the military. Your kids would love it because they could listen to some heroic stories. For decorations, you can put up a tent. You can buy some "meals ready to eat" at the army store. Get some army uniforms for them to wear. Teach them how to make a balloon sword. Dab their face with black tar so that they look like commandos. For activities, have a green face painting contest. Just put in some imaginations to make the party more fun. Your kids will cherish this moment even if they have attended many birthday parties.

A camping trip in a nearby mountain is another good idea for birthday party. Bring along as many stuffed black bears as possible. If there is ranch nearby, you can organize a horse ride. Ask your kids and their friends to wear red flannel and denim. This adventure will be an experience that they will never forget.

Birthday party ideas using camping themes open up many creative areas. With your imagination, you can plan a memorable party for your children. It brings them nearer to the mother nature and help them to appreciate the beauty of outdoor living. I hope some of these tips may help to plan your future projects.

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