Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Party Ideas With Pirate Theme

Most children are fascinating with pirates. For kids birthday party ideas, it is an excellent theme. However, you need to plan carefully with patience. You need a number of things to organize such an important event for your children. You also need contingency plans in case certain aspects of the projects cannot be carried out.

You begin to set the stage by working on the invitations. One of the ideas I can think of is to use a pirate's map for invites. Mark your venue for the party as "X". Provide details such as date and time. You also need to emphasize that the guests must pirate costume. Another thing you can do is to mention that you are going to have the best costume contest. This is an important step. By letting them know about the party theme, you can ensure that they will dress accordingly. To make the invites more interesting, you add a catchy phrase that sounds like a pirate.

Then comes the decorations. Whether you are using the living room or a backyard garden, you should make the place look like a pirate's setting. Stuffs like treasure chest or ship deck can enrich the theme. For outdoor, you plan a treasure hunt by hiding the treasures under the ground.

When you plan the party games, you have many ideas. Kids love treasure hunts. You can give them the first clue and tell them that this clue is one of the four clues which are hidden somewhere. They need to use the first clue to get them to the next clue. This will go on until they have reached the final clue. During the searching time, you can use this time to prepare the tidbits, birthday cake, ice cream or any other games that you have in mind. When they have gathered all the clues, tell them a story of the lost treasure. Let them embark on the hunt for the treasure. You can split them into two groups and have them compete against each other.

If you have younger children in the party, you can organize an entertaining game like pin the peg on the pirate's leg. Or you can ask them to walk on the plank provided you have a swimming pool. Most kids will love to swim and play in the water. For safety, place an adult in the pool.

Birthday party ideas on pirate theme can be challenging for some parents. But with patience and good planning skills, you should able to pull this party off. If you do this right, your kids will remember this event for their entire life.

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